ILRI scientist Lance Robinson participates in Resilience 2014 conference

This week from 4-8 May 2014, the Third International Science and Policy conference on the resilience of social and ecological systems’ is taking place in Montpellier, France. Dubbed ‘Resilience 2014’, the conference aims to bring together the scientific community on resilience, as well as policymakers. Resilience has been described as a key feature for sustainable development, and the conference seeks to explore multiple perspectives on social and ecological change, and the multiple links between resilience thinking and development issues. The conference is centered around six themes which will contribute towards achieving the conference vision ‘Resilience and Development: Mobilizing for Transformation’.  These include:

  1. Development challenges through a resilience lens
  2. Trade-offs and synergies
  3. Analyzing and promoting change and transformation
  4. Knowledge
  5. Whose development, whose resilience?
  6. New methodology and tools

Lance Robinson, an environmental governance and resilient specialist from the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) is among the more than 800 participants in the conference, and one of the speakers. Robinson will be delivering a presentation on ‘Resilience and Sustainable Development: insights from the Drylands of Eastern Africa’.

The conference has been organized by the ‘French node’ of the Resilience Alliance network including CIRAD, CNRS, IRSTEA, INRA, Agropolis International and other partners.

Visit the conference website for more information



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