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Linking agricultural adaptation strategies and food security: Evidence from West Africa

This poster, prepared for the ILRI@40 series of events, shares finding from a multi-centre study in West Africa that aims to define food secure and food insecure household profiles, assess the current levels of adoption of adaptation strategies at household level and identify the drivers of adoption. Continue reading

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Mapping livestock routes in Tanzania to value, service and protect them

This poster gives an overview of a collaborative livestock routes mapping project led by the Tanzania Livestock Research Institute and the country’s Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development with support from ILRI and the International Land Coalition’s Rangeland Initiative. Continue reading

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Producing food for humans: Tackling competition for freshwater use between crop and animal production

This poster, prepared for the ILRI@40 series of events, explains a study that is developing a new approach to livestock water use that determines the environmental impact associated with resource out-take, while accounting for the competition for freshwater use between production of food and feed crops. Continue reading

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Future of smallholder and pastoral livestock systems discussed at ILRI@40 Addis Ababa event

Livestock and environment was also one of the four themes discussed at the two-day ILRI@40 Addis Ababa event. Scientists working in ILRI’s Livestock Systems and Environment (LSE) program facilitated discussed research priorities for livestock and environment in the future. Continue reading