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Improved herd management technologies for enhancing livestock productivity: Embedding innovations through community groups

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Livestock production remains a critical pillar that supports the livelihoods and meets the nutritional needs of pastoralist communities occupying the arid and semi-arid regions of Kenya. These regions, however, have high levels of poverty (over 60%), exacerbated by poor accessibility and frequent droughts. Strategic and sustained reforms are required to…

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Burkina Faso study quantifies impact of sustainable intensification on household food security

Researchers analysed and quantified the potential food security impact of boosting a set of sustainable intensification options in Burkina Faso to better identify which technologies would fit the characteristics of specific households.
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Healthy animals, healthy returns: Improving pastoralists’ livelihoods in Kenya
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Healthy animals, healthy returns: Improving pastoralists’ livelihoods in Kenya

Improving the value of livestock and its productivity through better animal disease surveillance and improved healthcare for animals is one of the key goals of the Feed the Future Kenya Accelerated Value Chain Development (AVCD) program. Continue reading