The ILRI livestock Systems and Environment (LSE) program embraces the multidisciplinary nature of the global livestock sector with a particular emphasis on the sustainability of livestock production systems and their important roles in food security and the livelihoods of the poor. The programme runs a series of monthly seminars pertaining to livestock production systems, their roles in society and their environmental sustainability. The seminars are given by a mixture of visitors to ILRI and LSE scientists and cover a wide diversity of topics. Their objective is to inform and update people on current research in this field and to stimulate debate. The seminars are open to all ILRI staff and beyond – all are welcome.

See below details of past seminars, where you can also view and download presentations delivered during the seminars:


  • Integrated Agricultural System, Migration, and Social Protection Strategies to Reduce Vulnerability to Climate Change in East Africa. Delivered by Bradford Mills from Virginia Tech and Genti Kostandini from University of Georgia, on 28 January 2015. Download presentation here
  • Modelling pig and poultry production systems: computational and conceptual challenges. Delivered by Marius Gilbert Université Libre de Bruxelles on 26 February 2015. Download presentation here
  • Wildlife-livestock-human interface: recognising drivers of disease. Delivered by Annie Cook from ILRI on 26 march 2015. Download presentation here


  • Spatial epidemiology of avian influenza in Asia and intensifying poultry production systems. Delivered by Marius Gilbert from Université Libre de Bruxelles on 23 January 2014. Download presentation here
  • a global platform to visualize, crowd-source and improve information on global land cover and land use. Delivered by Steffen Fritz from IIASA on 27 February 2014. Download presentation here
  • Decision support for technology uptake in smallholder farming systems: The example of TAGMI. Delivered by Jennie Barron from the University of York, Uk, on 8 May 2014. Download presentation here
  • Is the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report telling us anything new about climate change and food security? Delivered by Philip Thornton from ILRI on 11 June 2014. Download presentation here
  • Toward A Theory of Resilience for International Development Applications: With Some Reflections on Practical Implications. Delivered by Christopher Barret from Cornell University on 4 July 2014. Download presentation here
  • Formal and Informal Governance: Powerful Policy Option for Harnessing Synergies to Secure Livestock Systems & Environment in Marsabit, Northern Kenya. Delivered by George Wamwere Njoroge from USAID Kenya Resilience and Economic Growth in the Arid Lands Accelerated Growth project (REGAL-AG), on 28 August 2014. Download presentation here
  • Manure Happens: Altering the Global Nitrogen Cycle by Feeding About Seven Billion Carnivorous Humans. Delivered by Erick Davidson from the Woods Hole Research Centre on 9 September 2014. Download presentation here
  • African livestock futures: realizing the potential of livestock for food security, poverty reduction and the environment. Delivered by Mario Herrero from CSIRO on 18 September 2014. Download presentation here
  • Integrated LULCC modeling and impact assessment. Delivered by Christine Fürst from the University of Bonn on 30 October 2014. Download presentation here
  • Climate Change and smallholder households across multiple dimensions: perception, adaptation and barriers to adoption. Delivered by Silvia Silvestri from ILRI on 20 November 2014. Download presentation here


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