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Updates from the Sustainable Rangelands Management project in Tanzania

The importance of setting aside grazing areas for livestock and implementing village land use planning in Tanzania were highlighted during a recent discussion between the country’s Minister of Livestock and Fisheries and the OLEGAPA livestock keeper’s association (OLKA).

Key livestock sector challenges in Tanzania include conflicts in conservation areas, high taxes on livestock sales and budget shortage for designing and implementing village land use plans. The meeting, which was organized by a local non-governmental organization known as KINNAPA, brought together more than 180 participants on 14–15 May 2018 in Dodoma.

Read the whole article by Abraham Akilimali (KINNAPA development program) and Fiona Flintan in the IFAD social reporting blog,  OLENGAPA Tanzania Livestock Keepers’ Association meet with Minister of Livestock and Fisheries,  10 July 2018.

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